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Got winded. Now what?
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PNW Hunter 31-Aug-19
Padfoot 03-Sep-19
From: PNW Hunter
New to Elk hunting. On my first day out bugled in a 5 x 5 Roosevelt. Awkward set-up and less than favorable wind. I’m actually not entirely sure if he winded me or saw me and realized I wasn’t an elk. Anyway, I’m thinking I might have another shot at this guy this season as Rosies generally have a limited home range, although I’m worried he’ll be desensitized to my bugle. My questions are:

1. Would you continue to target this bull this season? 2. How long would you wait to go back? A day, week, year?

Any thoughts are appreciated.

From: Padfoot
I’d go back but make sure you play the wind and pick a good set up spot. Try a different mouth read for a different tone . You did something right to get him to come to your calls so don’t be afraid to try that again.

I would go into the area an hour earlier than you were and listen to see if you can hear him. The get as close as you can before starting any calling. Watch some elk 101 on YouTube for how to call that’s my weakness so I can’t give advice on that.

You can’t arrow a bull you don’t hunt.

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