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New Regs, I have questions
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gangster40 26-Nov-19
WapitiBob 26-Nov-19
gangster40 27-Nov-19
ghost stalker 27-Nov-19
WapitiBob 27-Nov-19
STKFLKR 05-Dec-19
elkslayer4x5 16-Sep-20
swede 23-Sep-20
Greg S 07-Dec-20
From: gangster40
In the new Regs, they have a any legal weapon draw season, and it looks like it takes the place of general draw season. Couldn't this cause some safety problems. Like rifle hunters mixing with bow hunters?

From: WapitiBob
Any legal weapon is now the norm for what were rifle seasons; ie you can now use a lesser weapon.

From: gangster40
Yes but won't that cause problems with safety. Bow hunters in camo, and rifle hunter in orange. Not that I would be out there like that, but just saying. I hate to say I have known rifle hunters that don't make sure of there target before they shot, but I have heard some of them say it.

Rifle hunters only have to wear orange if they are under 18

From: WapitiBob
Not many hunters are going to use a bow during a rifle season. There have been some overlap seasons (youth rifle cow elk) in the past and it's been a non issue.

Orange camouflage.

From: elkslayer4x5
Archery hunters have already bought General Season ACHERY Buck Deer tags, so while you may be able to hunt, you wouldn't have a valid tag. Picked up my fall Bear tag on Aug 1, it does not specify weapon, neither does Cougar. Nowhere to hunt right now, extreme fire danger has us closed down.

From: swede
I don't see any reason that packing a bow in rifle season would be more of a safety hazard than carrying a rifle. You cannot hunt with a rifle during archery season anymore now than in the past.

From: Greg S
Its been that way for years and I can’t think of any problems outside of the few hunting accidents that occur each year. They just changed the name.

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