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Hart Mt. Antelope
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Royboy 12-Jul-20
swede 26-Jul-20
Royboy 29-Jul-20
From: Royboy
Hello everyone, I drew a Hart mt antelope archery tag and looking for a little information. I have maps ordered so still waiting to get specific. Have any of you hunted there? Wondering about camping whether it’s best to use the campgrounds or get permission to camp out farther. Also looking like a dry year so the water will holes may be dry except the big ones. Any help would be great, thanks Fred

From: swede
I have hunted there twice. I preferred to camp near the hot springs. It is great to come in and soak off the dust from a long day out hunting. I assume you are hunting in the Summer, so most of the side roads are likely to be closed to vehicles. There were plenty of antelope to consider and work on that could be seen from the main roads. I was hunting deer, so I did not pay too much attention to the goats. I did ask myself if I would pass on "this one" to look for another or "which one of these it the best" several times? If I were looking for antelope, I would probably hang around the Guano Creek area. You have some good cover to aid in stalking one, and they should be easy to locate there.

From: Royboy
Thanks Swede I appreciate the information. My buddy should have camp set up at hot springs and Stalking opportunities near guano sounds fun, I’m not looking forward to the blind

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