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Is there no curtesy between hunters
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gangster40 18-Aug-20
bigmartbowhunter 21-Aug-20
elkslayer4x5 15-Sep-20
From: gangster40
I know that in this day and age, it is getting harder and harder to find places hunt that on public land that you don't have other people hunting or moving through. It is public land and we all have the right to go were we want to. I have been hunting a certain spot for a few years now, and have never had any problems with others until last year. I myself when I am scouting and find a place, but find some one has put cameras up or a stand I try to avoid it. For at least a a couple of Hundred yards or more even when scouting. This one spot I have been hunting for a few years with no one coming into it, I can not walk far so I use stands. Last year I started having people messing around it there, I have had camera's stolen, stand messed with, and before some one say the forest service took the cameras they cut the lock toke cam but left the bear box. This year after having camera there sense June ( I was late this Year) There are now three more cameras there, and some one clamming my stand if I don't move it. They left me a note. From the pics I have I can almost tell the exact day these people started coming in, The herd of Elk that were coming in almost daily, now it is one or two Elk coming in once in a while. I feel that too many people are checking it out and have pushed the elk out. I don't want to be rude to anyone hunting, But I feel they are doing it to me. I am not sure what I will do opening morning when I go to that stand and ether some one else is in it or confronts me If I get there first. What would some of you do in this case?


From: elkslayer4x5
I'd chainlink the access to your stand.

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