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New to Elk hunting, where to find them!!
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ReadytoHunt 08-Sep-20
swede 24-Sep-20
From: ReadytoHunt
I'm new to elk hunting an trying to get my son interested in something besides the damn xbox. But I have no clue to start looking, I have called the Odfw an talked to them about hunting locations but they just gave me info on the bull to cow ratios. That's cool there is 15 to 100 but a location would be nice. Is there anyone who can point me in a direction, don't need a specific honey hole but any info would be very helpful.

From: swede
ReadytoHunt: Where to hunt depends a lot on you and how you want to hunt. I hunt where many would laugh at my haunts. I am a tree stand hunter so I look for different things than a caller would. Good places to hunt have elk. Check ODF&Ws web site and look at the success statists for units with a significant amount of public land. Go and scout a few places that interest you. Realistically you will need to be very lucky to get an elk the first year or so, but follow some elk forums learn from some old hunters. BTW: Good luck getting the kid away from the Xbox. You just might get him addicted to hunting.

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