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Mom & son - learning opportunities?
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UplandHer 28-Oct-20
swede 05-Nov-20
From: UplandHer
I tried to get into hunting a few years ago, & broke both my wrists the first year, got pregnant the 2nd year, & now have a 16month old son that I’d like to get out with. Unfortunately, I’m really unsure about easy access places, where you don’t have to pay, won’t be in the way of 100 other hunters... etc. But I’d really like to get out with my son & our dog. We have a sports pac, & 2nd season elk tag, & a decent bird dog. Guess I’m wondering if there are any folks/groups out there that could guide us to good/safe locations to get experience or if anyone wouldn’t mind some company? And if anyone has advice on how to shoot with a toddler in tow? He has ear muffs, but I don’t think they’re enough...

From: swede
Finding a "good place to hunt" that is relatively safe is easy. The son and dog are going to be more of a problem. At 73 I successfully hunted this past season out of a tree stand. I did not go far from my pickup and the terrain was not difficult. You could choose to hunt from a blind if you prefer. The child and the dog just won't work well out from camp. Even in a pop up blind which could be an option they must stay still and quiet for hours at a time. I had kids many seasons back. If I remember right, keeping a two year old child quiet is mission impossible, lol

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