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Anybody draw anything good?
Contributors to this thread:
Ageman 21-Jun-21
Snuffer 21-Jun-21
ghost stalker 21-Jun-21
Royboy 10-Jul-21
swede 21-Jun-22
Jimmy 27-Jun-22
Royboy 29-Jun-22
Drifter1 19-Jun-23
From: Ageman
I drew a Paulina Antelope archery tag, how about you?

From: Snuffer
Nothing here. But all were long shots.

Drew Antelope and a Doe tag

From: Royboy
Nothing for me

Elk and buck bow tags for Silvies. Not great, but I’ll absolutely take it!! Been e-scouting a bunch, but will gladly take any wisdom from you all! Good luck out there!

From: swede
I got Eagle Cap for archery elk and Pine Creek rifle for deer. I suspect the west side is going to be crowded this year or some more hunters are just staying home. I wonder what things will really look like with the new draw hunts and high everything (including gasoline) prices. Since I am retired and can stay all month, I can make it OK, but I think there will be fewer weekend hunters. Just my guess.

From: Jimmy
I drew the Metolius Late archery. Only took 20-plus years.

From: Royboy
Good tag jimmy maybe not as good as it used to be but their still there. I drew sled springs and pretty excited!

From: Drifter1
Buddy and I drew Sled Springs

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