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Montana Grizzly Attack
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DL 05-Sep-17
JTV 05-Sep-17
Zbone 05-Sep-17
DL 06-Sep-17
From: DL

DL's embedded Photo
DL's embedded Photo
Tom Sommers if any of you know him is lucky to be alive.

From: JTV
I hope he recovers and all is fine....

From: Zbone
Wish the survivors the best....

Interesting thing I keep reading about grizzly attack survivors is they could hear the bears chewing on their skulls... Gives me the chills... Once read a book about bear attacks which said a major factor is surviving an attack is the size of the bear and the size of person... If the bear is large enough to get its mouth open enough to fully engulf the skull, they're a goner...

From: DL
I saw pictures of the man. Looked in his 50s. I think he was seconds away from being a dead man.

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