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Yes there is, Virginia!
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Dear Friend,

If you thought you knew anything about 'No Go Zones,' think again. Raheem Kassam's new book gives the unfiltered truth on what actually happens in these areas. His investigative reporting has unveiled what the mainstream media is too afraid to report; Sharia Law is coming to America, and in some states it is already here. This book is a MUST READ.

Sincerely, Regis Giles

Raheem Kassam, a courageous reporter and editor at, is bringing readers where few journalists dare to tread—inside so-called "No Go Zones," Islamic areas here in the West where Sharia law prevails, local police stay away, and radicalism spreads.

In his shocking new book No Go Zones, Kassam reveals that No Go Zones are coming to America more rapidly than anyone thought possible, bringing cultural, political, and national security threats to ordinary American towns.

If there isn't already a No Go Zone near you, there will be very soon.

Kassam, a Muslim-born Brit who has watched whole city districts in the United Kingdom and Europe disintegrate into hotbeds of radical Islam, combines fearless on-the-ground reporting with penetrating analysis that defies political correctness and brings readers the first-ever accurate report on developing No Go Zones.

"Before most of my trips to these areas around Europe and the United States," Kassam says, "I hoped, I wished, I prayed that I would be unable to finish this book for a lack of evidence about No Go Zones.

"I fear this was not the case."

In No Go Zones, you will learn:

- Where established No Go Zones exist;

- How to spot extremist mosques;

- Why a blind eye is being turned to female genital mutilation, sexual assault and even honor killings inside No Go Zones;

- How Europe could turn into a Muslim-dominated continent within our lifetimes (and what that means for America.)

Read No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You now.

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From: Two Feathers
Not to be pessimistic but it's only a matter of time

From: JTV
its already happening in Dearbornestan Michigan ...

From: HDE
If it gets too rampant, the difference between the US and Europe is that we are armed. If I had to live in fear of this sharia law bullcrap, I would visit fear to sharia law. I don't have to play nice either...

I am quite certain I am not alone.

From: Paul
Your not

From: Trax
Where is bigeasyliberal to defend these swine and to tell us how "no go zones" and sharia in the USA are myths?

We as a nation must take all steps to make sure nothing like this happens. These parasites can not be allowed to strangle we the people and our Constitution from within because of political correctness.

From: Atheist
And more fear and loathing. You seem to have an Endless supply of things to fear huh?

From: elkmtngear
No fear here, Atheist. And no "victim mentality".

When the sh$t comes down...true Americans (and REAL hunters) will survive.

From: Mike B
Atheist, It's come to my attention (after reading so many of your posts) that you are not the least bit concerned about what is happening inside your own country. You ignore the spotlight on the horrible things happening, to children, right under your nose.

A good man is pointing out that women are being raped, young girls being mutilated (or killed because they got raped!) by these Islamic fundamentalist idiots.

So, a good man points out something horrible taking place, IN AMERICA, and you use this as an opportunity to tell the good man that he's BAD, and full of hate.

I have truly tried to understand the liberal/socialistic mindset, even to the point of seeing my doctor about it. Why see my doctor? Truth be told, I wanted to find out if it was possible to actually get my head that far up my ass.

He said.."NO".

Guess I'll never understand how you people got so turned around about right and wrong.

From: Woods Walker
It's that sub-rudimentary education thing.

From: HDE
If I feel I need to defend myself and my family, I will do so most jealously.

No fear - just a fact, jack.

From: Bowbender

Bowbender's embedded Photo
Bowbender's embedded Photo

"You seem to have an Endless supply of things to fear huh?"

Ain't afraid of one damn thing.

Very well said, Mike B.

From: Pi
Well done Mike B.

Not that your askin' Mike B , but I think they get turned around by there illogical thinking and thus illogical conclusion. Simply put, One must believe that if you are nice to the abuser , he will like you and be nice also. I'm pretty sure they had their ass kicked as kids and never overcame that trauma .

It is the opposite response that courageous people have, because they are not.

From: Tiger-Eye
And more fear and loathing. You seem to have an Endless supply of things to fear huh?

WOW. You are offended by Christians who spread the word benevolently, you are against crosses in public places, can't display the manger at Christmas and want wish people Happy Holidays.

BUUUUTTTTTTT. A religion that will kill you if you don't submit to its beliefs, ritualizes killing and mutilates their daughters, castigates women, finances and supports terrorism wants to spread it beliefs in "your" country and you are fine with it?

Where did all that liberal empathy go? Or do you just hate USA?

cry baby whiners complain about no go zones. Show me one. I'll go there.

From: Trax
Athiest is a blind dumb sheep liberal. They have been indoctrinated and are easily led by the ring in their nose. The stinking America hating left can not exist without these sheep.

I do not fear crossing the street but any sane self thinking person will certainly prepare to do so. It is time we let these swine who want sharia and no go zones know that it's not going to happen. We have made a great step in this nation for the nation to elect President Trump. The next step is to gut Congress and elect America loving conservatives to carry on the good work. The good work for this country which will in the end be good for the world.

From: Woods Walker
Let me know when you do SA....I'll go with you.

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