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What a story!
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From: HA/KS

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Murdered Kansas man's dog found in a shelter in California.


“On Sunday, a dog was posted and shared to ‘Help the Matt Schoshke’ page after it had been seen up for adoption in a California shelter. We immediately felt this was a strong probable match due to markings. We compared photos with Matt’s family & friends along with law enforcement and the animal shelter; they were able to identify him and confirm this was in fact Zeus. Unfortunately, Zeus had been adopted out a few hours prior to the post, and due to Labor Day weekend things were slowed down a bit to track him down. The adoptive family felt he was pretty special too, yet was understanding due to the circumstances. We are pleased to say he will be home with the family soon!”

From: Woods Walker
A happy ending!

Did they catch the murderer?

From: Shuteye
Spike, yes they caught the murderer and he is in jail.

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