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Rubber Boots- Uninsultated?
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Hunt98 07-Sep-17
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Woods Walker 07-Sep-17
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From: Hunt98
My old rubber boots are coming apart.

What do you look for in a good uninsulated rubber boot?

Is there such a thing as a breathable rubber type boot?

What brand/model would you recommend?

From: Rhody
I go to my local farm supply store and get industrial grade rubber boots. I use for irrigation. For ocean fishing, I have some yellow Sperry Topsiders. The uppers easily fold over when it's hot. I wear thick socks.

From: Shuteye
Tractor Supply is where I buy my boots. Good prices and good boots. The exact same boot was $20 cheaper than Cabelas the last time I bought a pair.

From: Anony Mouse
^^^^what Lex recommended^^^^

From: Woods Walker

From: Bluetick
1. rubber cannot be 'breathable'. 2. Tractor Supply and Bass Pro Shops are good sources. 3. Pricier but worth it, Xtratuf rubber boots. 4. I have an old pair of Hunter green wellies which I bought when they were actually cheap. At least 15 years old and still good. But when they wear out I'll probably replace them with Xtratufs.

Gotta have both insulated and uninsulated.

From: Shuteye
I have been using Muck boots for years and Tractor Supply has them and many others.

Bluetick got it right!

Xtra Tuffs, a red-brown colored mid-calf boot, are the "tennis shoes" of coastal Alaska. I have even hunted Dall sheep in them and lived to tell about it! The uninsulated version now goes for around $100 a pair here in AK.


From: Shiloh
Lacrosse Grange

From: Mint
With the ticks being so bad on Long island that's all I hunt with until the weather turns cold, then it's 800 gram insulated boots. I've been using lacrosse for years and they work pretty good.

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