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I was at the Drs office and there was A Nature Conservency magazine there. One write up was abuot the Yurok Indians along the Klamath River. The article talked about the Carbon Credit money they used to buy up more land where they reside. Land that was originally there's it stated. Now also in the article it said that they bought up priceless Yurok historical pieces of art and other religious items that they considered sacred from private collections for a substantial sum using carbon credit dollars!!! So now you know what some of that money is used for. I wonder if a person that owned a piece of wooded property could get Carbon Credit dollars to by up additional property surrounding his with the promise to leave it as is? Especially if that was good hunting property. The using of that money to buy sacred trinkets is bunk. But if they can get away with taking Al Gore and Leonardo Decapprios money in carbon credits, go for it. I'm going to apply for a sacred religious object too. It's a 1970 Superbird with a 426 Hemi.

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one heck of a vehicle ...

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