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The ultimate Trump speech!
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Spike Bull 08-Sep-17
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(Tell me you wouldn't LOVE to hear Trump say this!)

""September 07, 2017 The Speech I'd Like to Hear from President Trump

To put it mildly, I was turned off by the President's deal-making with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi that resulted in the debt-celing being raised yet again. Some commenters here think it's a brilliant strategic move to isolate and shame the GOP-e into action. I think that that would have the potential to backfire and catastrophically. Sure, they're refusing to move his legislative agenda forward. But if Gang of 8 Amnesty is resuscitated, watch it pass at light speed with veto-proof majorities.

The eyes of the world have been on Trump since he announced his candidacy in 2015. He has the opportunity to become a truly transformative (in a positive way) president, but I fear he is squandering that opportunity by thinking he can make deals, especially with the Democrat-Socialists. Below is a speech that I wish he would give.

"My fellow Americans, I come to you tonight, almost one year to the day when you shocked the established order in Washington and elected me to be your president. You did this because you were alarmed and outraged by the direction the Democrats and the leftists in academia, the media and in the bureaucracy are taking this nation. You did this because you are sick and tired of being lied to by those in the Republican party whom you've put into office election after election to stop this but instead, grease the skids of the destruction. I have tried my hardest to be conciliatory and reasonable. But at every turn I, and in effect you the American people, have been attacked and stonewalled. We wanted the disastrous Obamacare repealed and replaced with true free market solutions. We wanted real tax reform that would spur the economy and the nation to levels of prosperity for all heretofore unseen. We wanted real border security and an immigration policy that benefits the American people, promotes American values and assimilates legal immigrants into our society, and not open borders that will lead to our dissolution and ultimately our destruction.

In return, what did we get? Nothing. We were insulted, libeled and derided. In some cases, violent protests by the terrorists who call themselves "Antifa" have been excused or even justified by Democrats while the Republicans have stayed silent---even after one deranged individual shot up a softball practice that left four of their own colleagues critically wounded. It has become painfully obvious, both to me and to all of you, that the situation as it stands--- a government that is so far removed from the intention of the Founders as one of, by and for the people not beholden to its leaders--- is completely, and hopelessly upside down.

The Democrat Party is a hard left institution that wants to to transform our nation into a failed, socialist, miserable hellhole because of an ideological belief that as founded we are illegitimate, irredeemably racist, imperialistic and the root cause of the world's problems. Sadly, the Republican Party is comprised of career politicians who will go along with this blood-libeling in order to line their own pockets with money from cronies in corporate America and the Chamber of Commerce.

We are at an impasse. The nation is at a crossroads in its history. I am calling on you to join me in creating a movement to restore the rule of a just and stable law and a sense of morality, decency and ethics in those we have elected. If the latter cannot or will not change their behavior, they must be defeated.

My fellow Americans, what this is, in effect, is a declaration of war. In point of fact, war has already been declared on all of you by the attempts to nullify the election, from rogue judges who overstep their bounds and illegally stop my executive authority to saboteurs within my administration and the bureaucracies who stonewall or outright disobey directives from my office or cabinet members and to those in the GOP leadership and long-serving Senators and Congressman who, either out of personal motives or otherwise, want to thwart my efforts to serve the will of the people. I do not know how to fight what amounts to a non-violent coup using the legal instrumentalities of government and law enforcement, because ironically those instrumentalities in the main are part of the opposition.

I do not know where we go from here, because as the Chief Executive I am limited by my Constitutional authority, and I do not intend to violate my oath. Doing so would make me no better than those in opposition to us who have quite obviously violated theirs. But it must be fought. It must be fought wherever lies, fake news and disinformation are spread - most importantly in the schools and in the public discourse. It must be fought no matter what the personal consequences might be to ourselves. More important than anything is the truth. Because, I believe that the truth, spoken plainly, honestly and forthrightly will truly set us free.

I ask for your continued support and prayers as I continue OUR fight against the forces arrayed against us.

G-d bless you and may G-d continue to bless America."

In the movie "Patton," the general was asked by a war correspondent what he would do if he found his army between the Germans and the Russians. He replied "fight in both directions."

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(PS: Thanks, Anony!)

From: HA/KS
The problem with "shaming them into action" is that the ones holding up progress are the ones closest to the dems. How does making a deal with dems not encourage other republicans to move closer to the dems?

Time will tell.

From: Shuteye
After months of the Republican leadership doing nothing he had to make a deal with the democrats to get something done. The hurricane victims need help and need it now. Put Newt in Paul Ryan's place and watch things happen. I fully understand what Trump did, he made a deal.

Agreed. I think it will come back to bite him around the turn of the year but it serves the purpose of exposing the obstructionism of the eGOP so WE, the people, can correctly direct our wrath and may result in some action from them.

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