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Breaking the Unbreakable Code
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slade 08-Sep-17
Tiger-Eye 08-Sep-17
Spike Bull 08-Sep-17
Whitey 08-Sep-17
From: slade

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I has to beat Spike to it..... :-)

Imagine being kidnapped after reporting suspicious activity to the FBI and then to cover it up, denied relationships, pets murdered, all possessions destroyed, slammed into by vehicles, dead animals thrown in front of you everywhere you go, having militarized TV content, radio programming, all phone calls intercepted, all law office visits intercepted, federal courthouse shut down on arrival, denied employment, gang stalked by FBI Infragard, DHS, volunteer citizens, retired military and EVEN children. I'm what's called a "targeted individual." What the government does to me, they can do to you. In an effort to discredit and kill you, oath breaking cowards will commit endless felonies to conceal their crimes. Here's what I witnessed;

Military declared a covert war on the Deep State swamp and its globalist agenda. Hillary was kept out of the White House because of the Clinton GLOBAL Initiative.

The FBI NEVER pubicly comments about investigations. They didn't reopen Clinton's email investigation 4 days before the election. This was to pre-sell us on Clinton's election loss.

My name is Aaron. Our government and media have no credibility so you can attack mine too or simply verify everything leaked here. Federal investigators believe I broke an unbreakable code. This puts me in a position to leak what no one else can; their response to it.

I love this cuckoo stuff. dead animals thrown in front of you....give me a break.

From: Tiger-Eye
^^^^Aaron^^^^ needs to give "Frankie" a breather and get a girlfriend.

You win, slade!

From: Whitey
I met my first real conspiracy whackadoodle last week. He was swimming his dog in the river as I was fishing and we struck up a conversation about the dog. Perfectly normal 5 minute conversation and the it took a 90 dregree turn to crazy town. Chemtrails, Zionist shadow govt, Mossad 911 all of the nutter stuff just vomited out and of him.

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