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Democrats agree with Trump on illegals
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Shuteye 09-Sep-17
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From: Shuteye

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I can see a campaign ad for 2020.

From: Pi
Maybe he forgot that he said this ? Slipped his mind for 8 years... The philosophy of " Say everything and see what sticks ." If the Democrat voter wasn't so detached from reality and brain dead this would have an impact but it won't because they are.

There is ample video of most all Demons expressing the same line of thinkng that most of us hold in the not so distant past. Then they were all assured of some reward by the globalists and they all turned to radical leftists. Even the RINOS backed away from their position and their Republican planks and turned into appeasers willing to obfuscate, obstruct, and otherwise abandon the principles for which they once stood.

From: Coyote 65
Great idea Shuteye. It is funny, I do not remember any of them saying those things. What a great refresher.


From: Atheist

From: Two Feathers
The difference is dems talk and do nothing, Trump talks and does something.

From: elkmtngear

From: Woods Walker
Well looky there! This left Atheist speechless!

From: Mike in CT
Either that or the Bowsite has a new "mime" feature.......

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