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Some people really are just a**holes!!
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"Some people are just a**holes

On September 9, 2017/ By Gatordoug/In Leftist Swine, Uncategorized

Why do we coddle whiners? Whiners are basically just bullies. Bearing Arms shares a story of a parasitic whiner that should have been told to take a flying leap

Lots of places have ladies’ night. Bars are probably the most famous, but more than a few gun ranges offer something similar where women are able to attend the range, shoot, and not feel like an island of estrogen in a sea of testosterone.

From a business aspect, it’s smart because it creates loyal customers who, after they’re comfortable, may come back on other days of the week.

Well, it’s smart unless you run into someone who thinks it’s a violation of his civil rights.

For the past several years, Riverside Magnum Gun Range held the weekly event waiving the $12 range fee for women. Firearms instructor John Galleta says the idea was to get women to learn how to properly handle a gun in a comfortable setting.

“They come in, they see other women, they don’t feel as intimidated when they see other women in here practicing,” Galleta said.

Ladies night was called off after owner Peter Lee received a letter from an Orange County man by the name of Gregory Rolando who claimed that waiving the fee for women is a form of discrimination and a violation of his civil rights. ”Rolando then thanked Lee for his response, and then offered to drop any legal action in exchange for monetary compensation.

Lee referred to the suggestion as “extortion.” ”Yes, and thankfully he has decided to fight the whiny little grubber in court!

Riverside Magnum Gun Range was not the only company targeted by Rolando. ABC7 found several lawsuits alleging the same civil rights violation.

Super Corona Detailing Car Wash was sent a similar letter in May. In a lawsuit filed against the car wash, Rolando claimed they offered a ladies day promotion giving female customers $2 off their service.

The owner told ABC7 he settled the lawsuit for $1,500.

ABC7 also found lawsuits against multiple other businesses in San Bernardino, Riverside and Orange counties – all related to offers, incentives and promotions given to women. ABC7 reached out to Rolando, who did not return our calls for a comment.” What a pathetic excuse for a human being."

From: Two Feathers
Sounds like Rolando is a professional suer.

Professional sewer?

From: Coyote 65
I will have to pass this along to my stepson, he is a lawyer and might be a good source of income in a slow month. He all ready has the title of thread down pat.


From: JTV
What about ladies nights at bars ?? half priced drinks for the ladies, first drink is free .. ?? what an ass that dude is ...

From: TD
Well..... it was a good thing while it lasted.......

this is where the gay rights stuff hits home....... demanding an end to ladies night at bars.... good grief, now it's personal.....

From: Woods Walker
I'm puzzled. All this tool had to do was just say that on that particular night he identified as a woman....problem solved!!!!

From: Shuteye
A gun shop in Delaware used to have ladies night and my daughter used to help train women that came in and wanted to learn to shoot. She shot with the men and one night she beat all the pros. They switch from hand gun,(45 semi auto) to shotgun and then back to handgun. They called my daughter Joyce the baby killer. She had a perfect score and the last target popped up it was a bad guy holding a baby. Joyce nicked the baby's ear with her first shot and hit the bad guy between the eyes on her second shot.

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