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Kid Rock on the campaign trail!
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Language alert, of course.

He's got my Michigan vote over that see you next Tuesday Debbie Stab A Cow !!!!!

From: Rocky
Will we ever learn. Ever. My God You intervened and saved our nation from catastrophe by denying HRC and saving us from her wrath. Enter I plead, into the hearts and minds of Americans that they may recognize the root problem of our system and cast aside and smite all golden calf's. Amazing and incredible to know the inner workings of this dysfunctional government and lend faith to one who wishes to enter the pit knowing full well the impossibility of that task. Simply not possible to understand the continuation of fanatical attraction to be swayed so easily into a political belief , standing awash, ankle deep in a pool of our own blood. P.T. Barnum where are you when we need you most.

The Rock

From: gflight
So Rock,

Trump saved us but Kid Rock can't?

Even running against Debbie Stab A Cow?

Still the same place I see.........

From: Anony Mouse
Stabenaw is the perfect example of why the 17th Amendment needs to be repealed. Both of Michigan's US Senators have records showing that they put Obama and the Democrat Party ahead of the residents of this state.

At least Kid Rock has a record of loving this state.

From: Rocky
gflight, Reading comprehension must be a problem. Where exactly in my post did I say that Trump saved us? Still the same place I see or making leaps on your own.

No. Kid Rock can't save us btw. He could never attain nor wield such power required to make a difference as any single person has ever in Congress since the beginning of time. Do the world a favor and plant a sapling white oak that someday when matured will truly bear beneficial fruit. The time requirements for both are basically the same. mouse, Loving your state and this country is all well and good. Al Franken loves his state. The only problem with politicians is that they eventually see the hopelessness in government and resort to the next best always readily available dead presidents and their own comfort position.

The Rock..I ain't

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