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Eric bolling son dies
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Pat Lefemine 10-Sep-17
Woods Walker 10-Sep-17
Mike in CT 10-Sep-17
WV Mountaineer 10-Sep-17
JTV 10-Sep-17
sleepyhunter 10-Sep-17
Shuteye 10-Sep-17
Rocky 10-Sep-17
Sixby 10-Sep-17
Spike Bull 11-Sep-17
K Cummings 11-Sep-17
ben h 12-Sep-17
From: Pat Lefemine
The son of Fox News host Eric Bolling who lost his network job Friday was found dead Saturday in Colorado. According to TMZ it appears to be a suicidal drug overdose. The 19 year old college student apparently was having difficulty dealing with the publicly surrounding his father.

Just tragic all around.

From: Woods Walker
I have no words for this. Unbelievable.

From: Mike in CT
I can't help but consider the irony that the generation of snowflakes that requires "safe spaces" to protect their feelings can be capable of such cruelty to others. I also can't help but wonder if this culture has created people ill-equipped, if not incapable of handling the kind of stress/pressure that life can dole out.

Regardless, this is a tragedy on every level.

Mike X 2. I don' know the specifics r the history with this guy. And, while It is tragic, we have got to start wandering what all the participation awards are doing to our society. In life, we all win and lose accordingly. That's life. When we shelter people from how cruel and unnerving that can be, we surely aren't preparing them for the up's and down's life throws us.

From: JTV
I saw this the other day...pity it happened, Eric screw up by his "jokes" and the pressure of him leaving Fox and the stress it put on his family ... you just cant do what he supposedly done in todays world...

From: sleepyhunter
The absolute worst thing that could happen to a parent, losing your child. Very sad.

From: Shuteye
Eric and his wife only had one child.

From: Rocky
sleepyhunter, ......without a doubt. Sad to say the least.

The Rock

From: Sixby
Its all heartbreaking/ My prayers for Eric's wife and for him. I do know that he was proud of his son and loved him.

God bless, Steve

All so tragic and you wonder if those people who really need to learn from it will ever get it.

From: K Cummings
"Just tragic all around."


Unfortunately, I'm already starting to see blame thrown around. Even in a tragedy like this, some simply cannot wait to make it political. For some, apparently the saying is true..."You never let a serious crisis go to waste." How pathetic.

If in fact this was a suicide, there really is only one thing to blame, and that is mental illness. It is truly unfortunate that he could not have received treatment in time.

I pray for all involved.


From: ben h
That's terrible news. I could be wrong, but I think suicidal overdoses are under-reported, due to the difficulty of distinguishing them with accidental overdoses. Over the years I've lost 3 acquaintances to "overdoses" and I don't think any of them were accidental....obviously speculation on my part, I wasn't there.

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