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Gonna brag
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From: Salagi

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Salagi's embedded Photo
Salagi's embedded Photo
They've raised 3 Good kids with the baby being the best one of course. (And that is juice not alcohol in the bottle, they would have it no other way). ;)
Salagi's embedded Photo
They've raised 3 Good kids with the baby being the best one of course. (And that is juice not alcohol in the bottle, they would have it no other way). ;)
I know I'm biased but... Best example I know of how to live is from these two, my parents. For 69 years today they have set an example together how to live a life not only as Christians in their teachings and how they live their lives, but also how to raise a family, support each other, live life as a couple, and have fun.

From: Shuteye
Congrats to your parents.

From: Anony Mouse
I bet we can identify those who had similar parenting here on the CF.

Congrats to your parents...and willing to bet we'll be offering similar words to you in the future.

From: JTV
Congrats your parents Parents !!

From: Mike in CT
Congratulations to your parents! Continued best wishes for many more years!

From: Woods Walker
My Mom passed 6 days before their 60th anniversary. Dad followed her 4 years later. They were the same kind of people as yours Salagi. They not only taught us the right things, they LIVED them. That's probably more important than just talking about it.

My wife and I have tried to do the same with our daughter. Words without actions to back them up are just....words.

From: Bownarrow

From: Bentstick81
Congrats to them.

From: tonyo6302
Sweet. Very nice.

From: Owl
Wonderful milestone. My folks had 54 years before Dad passed.

From: Tiger eye
Congratulations and God bless. All the Best

From: Rocky
A very blessed and lucky person to have parents with these values. God bless them as He has in the past. Obviously the genuine article. BTW....this is not bragging, this is an act of honor and respect for your deserving parents, something quickly dissipating from the American scene.

The Rock

From: HA/KS
Thank you for sharing this! It would brighten any day.

Happy anniversary to the couple.

From: NvaGvUp
Very cool!

Well done, mom and dad!

From: Sixby
Thats awsome. Sitting in church with two other couples about five years ago and between us we had over 150 years of marriage. That is so rare and such a wonderful legacy. God bless them and you and thanks for posting this. Steve

From: Trax
Congrats to them and you. Salt of the earth people, we need so many more of them.

Inspirational! My parents are both gone now but they were the same, as were my wife's parents. We are following their wonderful example! Is that you with the coveralls, or the summons in your pocket, Salagi?

From: Annony Mouse
69 years... hard to imagine...and very special and rare these days.

Cherie and I celebrated our 36th today. Judge sentenced us to life.

Youngest daughter here from Florida with her crew...the QOTD: will I survive 33 more years?!!

Congrats to your parents! A great example for everyone.

From: Brotsky
Congratulations! That is awesome!

From: gflight
Pass along congratulations.

I would have to be 94 for this to happen. Lucky to have made it 26. Truly a rare event....

From: Salagi
Thanks to all for the good wishes to my parents. I only hope I can can be half the influence to others they have been. They are still sharper at 90 and 87 years of age than most people are at a lot younger. They heat exclusively with wood and refuse to have air conditioning in the house. I never heard them argue or raise their voices at each other when I was growing up. They do argue a little now but it is mainly because neither one can hear the other anymore. ;)

What a testimony. Kol ha kavod!

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