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Here is your chance - Bison hunt
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HA/KS 12-Sep-17
TD 12-Sep-17
Hackbow 12-Sep-17
From: HA/KS

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Anticipated hunts to thin the Grand Canyon Bison herd.

From: TD
All rifle..... shoot everything you can (what you're told to shoot) and you don't get to keep any meat, hide, head, nothing. (It does supposedly get all donated so at least not wasted)

Love to take one with a bow someday. Might be as hard as getting a sheep tag though.....

I'm sure they will have lots of volunteers (lottery draw I believe?) Better than hiring sharpshooters and paying them when folks will pay for the opportunity.

Just nothing I'd really be interested in.

From: Hackbow
" scenario discussed is splitting the bison meat among volunteers, with each volunteer able to take the equivalent of meat from one full bison. Anything in excess of that would be given to tribes and charities, he said."

This is not a dream hunt, and i would like to hunt one with a bow as well, but volunteers possibly will be able to take meat home. That would make it interesting.

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