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Pig Doc 12-Sep-17
JTV 12-Sep-17
Whitey 12-Sep-17
Pat Lefemine 13-Sep-17
Anony Mouse 13-Sep-17
Owl 13-Sep-17
sleepyhunter 13-Sep-17
Woods Walker 13-Sep-17
kentuckbowhnter 13-Sep-17
jdee 13-Sep-17
JTV 13-Sep-17
Franzen 13-Sep-17
K Cummings 13-Sep-17
From: Pig Doc

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Am I the only one sick of the politics on ESPN? I thought this was a sports network, not a political network. First all the Kaepernick bull crap and now Jemele Hill is calling Trump a white supremacist. No wonder their ratings are tanking and they are firing people by the dozens.

From: JTV
ESPN, the NFL, NBA, I quit watching them a while back ....they are as bad as CNN/MSNBC ....

From: Whitey
Black supremacist are good as far as liberals are concerned. Black racism is ok too.

From: Pat Lefemine
ESPN leadership and corporate headquarters are right here in Connecticut. Enough said.

I'm not a sports fan so I could care less if the entire network goes down the crapper.

From: Anony Mouse
I must have missed the sea change.

When did the psychic network delve into politics?

From: Owl
The NFL network, college and pro football occupy my thoughts through my workouts. And that sucks for me because I am getting really sick of the politics, too. I already take the news like doses of castor oil and turn the channel whenever I see or hear Bob Costas, so my my options are winnowing.

From: sleepyhunter
""He is unqualified and unfit to be president. He is not a leader. And if he were not white, he never would have been elected""

That could have been easily said about Obama. ESPN is small change, I never watch them, it can go off the air and never be missed.

From: Woods Walker
I never watch them, literally.

they fired an announcer for calling a lady "sweetee" but slapped someone on the wrist for calling the president a white supremacist. sick of the politics on there.

From: jdee
White's the new N word. I heard some black lady politician ? professor ? can't remember but she was saying that the words on a hat saying... Make America Great Again... were like wearing a hat with a Swastika on it. Guess she was getting on the band wagon. I bet she is OK with the looting in Florida too.

From: JTV

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From: Franzen
The sad part is there is no REAL "one-stop-shop" competition. I absolutely hate that ESPN is politically driven, and it has become pretty bad. I still tune or read, but sometimes I feel like I'm making myself sick. I try to stick to the actual games, and can pick and choose what I want to read on the web. A lot of their programs are not even primarily sports-related anymore imo; just political or pop culture garbage. Hard to find a decent article anymore though because they've hired so many libtard writers with a political agenda.

From: K Cummings
The lady is an idiot, plain and simple. Am I going to boycott ESPN? No.

ESPN has some very good programming and they have some garbage. Just like any other network, I watch the stuff that interests me and don't watch the things that don't. I've never seen her show and I doubt I ever will.


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