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Safe water anywhere any time?
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HA/KS 12-Sep-17
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From: HA/KS

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"The stainless steel bottle tests water for contaminants and, if it’s not up to snuff, removes them quickly to make it safe to drink."


"Users can fill the bottle at practically any source: tap, pond, even toilet — and then activate its testing mechanism by shaking it. The bottle’s filtration system, composed of carbon and ion exchange fibers and a nanofiber membrane, analyzes four things: the TOC (total organic carbon) level, the TDS (total dissolved solids) level, turbidity or cloudiness and water temperature. If the water is good to drink, a green light and the word “Good” appear on the bottle’s LED monitor. If it’s contaminated, as indicated by a yellow or red light and the word “Fair” or “Bad,” a twist of the bottle’s base will reduce bacteria, pesticides, petroleum products and heavy metals by up to 99.9 percent."

From: Thumper
Got a version of this that works on LWL's?


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