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Where does Fake News come from?
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Bownarrow 13-Sep-17
Shuteye 13-Sep-17
Bownarrow 13-Sep-17
Whitey 13-Sep-17
Rhody 13-Sep-17
Coyote 65 13-Sep-17
Spike Bull 13-Sep-17
bad karma 13-Sep-17
HA/KS 13-Sep-17
DL 13-Sep-17
Woods Walker 13-Sep-17
TD 14-Sep-17
Tiger eye 14-Sep-17
From: Bownarrow

Bownarrow's Link
I've never had a social media account except for linked-in and so I was not aware of Veles Yugoslavia. Maybe this is "old news" to most of you? A pretty interesting read I thought:

A good reminder to think critically about anything you read on the internet. (except what I write; )

From: Shuteye
Hillary knows all about Macedonia.

From: Bownarrow
Spot on! That's what the article said!

From: Whitey
" If you like your Dr you can keep your Dr" was written in Macedonia?

From: Rhody
I've been looking into I internet advertising campaigns. The idea has been around for a few years now on this Macidonians application of getting people to go to certain websites. Not surprised here.

Now, the gist of this report is to make you believe that the "fake news" was strictly positive about Trump. Not so, the reporter missed much. When 91% of all news is anti-Trump, what would drive people to click on a URL to look? The headline that is the unusual.

Smart business practices.

From: Coyote 65
Here I thought it was all wishful thinking on the part of major networks and going with the thinking as a story.


believing fake news is the fault of the believer. only an idiot would believe any of it. It's just like the fake e-mails that used to circulate constantly and everyone forwarded and thought were true. There is no way to stop it....just smarten up. stop being the idiot victim.

I have been told by an undisclosed source that Spike Bull invents it all!

From: bad karma
Some fake news comes from sources like this. I heard recently that part of the problem is the major news outlets owned by Silicon Valley businesses like Amazon, so they are designing their news to get the most clicks on the internet. Truth be damned, more clicks equal more advertising revenue. It is a sad state of affairs.

From: HA/KS
Since leftists own and control most social media, they intentionally suppress conservative information and post leftist ideas. The average consumer has no idea what is happening. Even the "informed" consumer is mostly oblivious to how much the available information is controlled and skewed to the left.

From: DL

DL's Link
Trevor's Axiom

From: Woods Walker
Fake news comes from fake journalists.

From: TD
Fake news starts from one of two sources. Something created, twisted, worded, and massaged for purely sensational and dramatic reasons to get the most attention possible out of the "newly discovered information"...... i.e. drive clicks to a website that charges advertisers by the click. Devious, but openly (almost "honestly" but not quite) driven by greed.

The other comes from a more sinister motive..... an agenda, be it leftist or from the right. A desire to sway and influence by any means necessary including deception, withholding facts to knowingly outright lies (much like scampering marine house boat captains...) pretty much anything to support their ideology, identity politics or "cause".

One is bad, purely to scam more money, bad people..... the other is about political power to sway laws and governments, sometimes incite violent revolt and downright evil in every sense......

From: Tiger eye
Not bothered so much where it starts but it is perpetuated by clueless drones who have abandoned reason and it reinforces their ideology.

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