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Typical commie, Sybil.
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Spike Bull 28-Sep-17
NvaGvUp 28-Sep-17
JTV 28-Sep-17
sleepyhunter 28-Sep-17
Woods Walker 06-Oct-17
TD 07-Oct-17
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Two Feathers 07-Oct-17
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YEP, she steals his hat and then wants him punished! Typical Sybil backasswards thinking.

From: NvaGvUp

From: JTV
Female or not ( I think that is what that is), it would have got a fist implanted in its face ...

From: sleepyhunter
Ask once to give the hat back, say not going to a ask a second time. Woman or not take the hat back even if she gets knocked out. All is fair game when it comes to theft. Even if it's only a hat.

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Woods Walker's embedded Photo
She's probably a DACA kid too!

From: TD
I have a really really bad feeling..... this is becoming far too common. It's an ungrounded perception of something that supports a victimization mentality rather than the facts of the matter...... then irrationally blown all out of proportion.... a rage that starts out a fire and self stoked into self perpetuating all consuming inferno......

I fear.... in the realm of the vegas shooter's mentality. Clearly speculation.... I don't think he was "ISIS" at all..... I think he was two ANTIFA steps outside this girl.......

He should have wore a pussy hat and wrote MAGA on it........

From: Two Feathers
It's hard to believe she thinks she's right. Talk about fubar!

From: Stalker
I give that kid credit for staying cool and getting his hat back!! Not sure I could have!

She may end up with a lawsuit as she physically removed it from his body!

From: JLS
"He should have wore a pussy hat and wrote MAGA on it........ "

No kidding. Shut your mouth, take your hat, and don't give her a platform. This is an idiot contest with no clear winner.

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