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A simpler solution?
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keepemsharp 07-Oct-17
Franzen 07-Oct-17
bad karma 07-Oct-17
From: keepemsharp
These bump stocks were approved during BHO's administration and it did not involve the legislature. Why can't our present president with his pen and phone just make them illegal and END all this crap? Then those 500 people in Washington can get on with immigration, taxes and health care.

From: Franzen
Well your first mistake is thinking it will END anything.

From: bad karma
The left is using this as an issue for their attempts to marginalize Republicans, and for an election issue in 2018. It's the "never let a crisis go to waste" mentality, where they will exploit this tragedy, without any intent to be truthful, so they can get more gun control. That despite overwhelming evidence that more guns does not correlate to more crime, quite the opposite in fact.

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