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"American Pravda, NYT: Slanting the News and a Bizarre Comey ConnectionNick Dudich, Audience Strategy Editor for NYT Video, Says the Times Slants Anti-Trump News to the Front Page, "Oh, we always do."Claims to Be "Gatekeeper" for New York Times Videos: "My imprint is on every video we do."Worked for Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama CampaignsAdmits He Won't Be Objective, "That's why I'm here [at the NYT]."NYT Ethical Handbook: "Journalists... must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times."Says Former FBI Director James Comey Is His Godfather, "I should have recused myself"Dudich's Family Members Deny Comey ClaimContinuation of American Pravda Series Which Began With CNN Videos

(NEW YORK) - Project Veritas has released a video of the New York Times video gatekeeper Nicholas Dudich, who was caught on hidden-camera boasting of his lack of journalistic ethics. Dudich, who serves as Audience Strategy Editor, displays a lack of integrity throughout the video, manages videos which go "on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram" for the Times.

While talking about being objective at the Times, Dudich replies candidly, "No I'm not, that's why I'm here."

Dudich considers himself an important player at the New York Times, telling the Project Veritas Journalist "my voice is on... my imprint is on every video we do."

Dudich goes on to explain what he might do to target President Trump:"

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as we've known all along...the FNM with an agenda and their narratives ...

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