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Tancredo misses America
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Spike Bull 12-Oct-17
Shuteye 12-Oct-17

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" by Tom Tancredo12 Oct 20175 Columbus discovered America. Sadly, 525 years later, Americans can’t find it. I miss America. Do you?

Now, I am not necessarily talking only about the good ole’ days when you could play outside till the street lights came on, and when you did play games there was a winner and a loser but no participation trophy. I am talking about something much, much more devastating to the national ethos. I am talking about the approaching end of patriotism, when loving the America put together by the founding fathers gets you branded as a racist, sexist, white supremacist, Islamophobe, homophobe and just plain stupid.

Twenty-first century America gives everybody something to rail against. For Antifa and the Democrats, it’s the mere semblance of things we were and, for conservatives, it’s the daily realization of so many things we have become.

Conservatives recall a time when you could actually trust the major organs of government, especially those tasked with the responsibility for keeping us safe. Remember when we believed the Department of Justice was actually on our side? Are you wondering what happened to the America where even your local police department seemed to actually be focused on catching the bad guys and was, for the most part, working in unison to protect law-abiding citizens? Who would have imagined a local police force standing down, as they did in Charlottesville, to let the mayhem escalate to the point where bloodshed turned into murder?"

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From: Shuteye
Street lights, ain't no street lights in the country. Worked outside until it was dark. Then got a flashlight to catch night crawlers for bait in the morning.

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