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Feds Settle IRS Targeting Suits
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Glunt@work 26-Oct-17
gadan 26-Oct-17
JTV 26-Oct-17
bad karma 26-Oct-17
Sixby 26-Oct-17
JTV 26-Oct-17
Woods Walker 26-Oct-17
From: Glunt@work

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So, they settle and admit they targeted conservative groups. Now we get to pay ourselves with our own money. Anyone actually going to face consequences?

From: gadan

Same thoughts here. Though the bigger victory is that the IRS is forced to admit their crime, no one seems to be faced with jail time. Perhaps there is a way to get them after all. I'm sure it's being investigated.

From: JTV
So who is walking on this ..Obama and his henchmen thats who ..

From: bad karma
This is a civil lawsuit. The remedies you seek are not available in this venue.

From: Sixby
BK:This is a civil lawsuit. The remedies you seek are not available in this venue Jeff Sessions needs to do his job. Now its his turn.

God bless,Steve

From: JTV
Yes, BK you are correct ... it was Jay Sekulow's law firm that took this on and won....

From: Woods Walker
Guillotines on the DC mall. That's the only thing that will prevent them from doing the same sh*t over and over again. When there's no real consequences for their actions why SHOULD they change their ways??? They're just like illegal aliens. As long as they can ignore the law and in reality actually get REWARDED for it then they'd have to be idiots to NOT stop.

We're the idiots. World class in fact.

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