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Penn St. vs Ohio St.
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'Ike' (Phone) 27-Oct-17
Beendare 28-Oct-17
Joey Ward 28-Oct-17
Bou'bound 28-Oct-17
Fulldraw1972 28-Oct-17
'Ike' (Phone) 29-Oct-17
Bonafide 29-Oct-17
HA/KS 29-Oct-17
Beendare 29-Oct-17
Rocky 29-Oct-17
Should be a hell of a game tomorrow...7-0 vs 6-1

From: Beendare
Yep hell of a game. You could feel the tide turn in Ohio st’s favor. Then ND beat NC st. ND ran right through NC’s vaunted run defense. Both Ohio st and ND will move up.

The fact Georgia crushed Florida only helps ND with that 1 point loss early. Stanford pulled one out, ND moving up, Warriors came back to win and the Dodgers lost- GREAT sports weekend for me.

From: Joey Ward
Have to figure Penn State’s chant this week will be “we want Florida!”


They sure don’t want Arkansas after a day like today.


From: Bou'bound
Should be a close high scoring affair

From: Fulldraw1972
I did not see the game. From the highlights it looked like it was a great game. Ohio State by 1.

Amazing game...

From: Bonafide
Great game that OSU handed to PSU and they choked, they tried to hold on instead of playing to win in the 4th and it prob cost them a chance at the playoffs. Granted there's a lot of games left but they were handed a golden opportunity and they blew it.

From: HA/KS
Only two places you can mess up and still have a greased route to the playoffs SEC and ND.

From: Beendare
So Penn st dropped like a rock to #7 in the rankings.....Ohio St jumped to #3.

Notre Dame jumped from #14 2 weeks ago, to 9 last week now #5.

Maybe the most significant game was Georgia just crushing rival Florida, now #2 behind Alabama.

TCU's loss to Iowa exposed them as over rated.

The only team I think is over rated is #4 Wisconsin...good team but just don't see them beating anyone in the top 5....maybe the top 10.

It appears there might be a few teams that can beat Alabama

From: Rocky
There are a few teams that possibly could beat the Tide but they are in the NFL.

The Rock

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