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Attack on Founding Fathers
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DL 28-Oct-17
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From: DL
Anew wave of liberals wanting to rewrite and destroy history is happening. My wife does counciling. She has two teenage girls that have talked about how horrible people like Jefferson, Washington and Franklin were. They are being taught this in high school. What they forget that these so called evil men enabled her to be able to speak her opinion. Ask people in Czechoslovakia what happened if they bad mouthed leaders. Tongues were cut out. Today I read that the church that Washington attended is removing a plaque that honored him because it made some uncomfortable. Same with a plaque in another church that honored Lee. I have been there as a young boy and sat in the seats where they sat and the plaques were. Even at 11 my mind wondered what it was like then and what they thinking. Throw more history out the door. In two more generations I’m sure if we read the history books we would vomit. I have heard this statement over and over. “Do not judge historical figures by today’s standards”. I guess that has gone out the door too.

From: Tiger eye
Wonder if they feel the same about the dollar bill?

From: HA/KS

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"University of Wisconsin-Madison Students Protest Abraham Lincoln Statue Because ‘He Owned Slaves’"

From: Annony Mouse

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Cultural vandalism spreads...

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