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Howatt bow hot 2493-60"
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GODM 29-Oct-17
Thumper 29-Oct-17
Lucas 29-Oct-17
GODM 04-Nov-17
From: GODM
wondering what the value is on this bow? Coronado by Howatt 2493-60" 30#@28"...really good condition

From: Thumper
I'll give you $100 plus $25 insured shipping. Grand kids can use it.

I see them listed in the classifieds for $150 to $200 but those are hunting weight.

My text number is 832-888-4798.

From: Lucas
Thumper is pretty spot on, they were an entry level bow.

From: GODM
I actually just got it myself...the deal between me and a good friend is personal...thank you for the input...I typically use a wrist rocket....wanted to up my game

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