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Russian meddling through social media
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From: HA/KS

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Both Twitter and Facebook have announced that Russians had multiple accounts feeding false information to Americans through social media.

What has not been emphasized is that most of this came after the election and was aimed at destroying American support for the trump administration - questioning the legitimacy of the election win.

From the link "Under-the-Radar Bombshell: Majority of Russian Social Media Ads Came After the Election and Questioned Validity of Trump’s Victory"

From: Fulldraw1972
But but but I thought 6 intelligent agencies said the Russians influenced the election threw social media.

From: Atheist
There were plenty here that said Russia had nothing to do with the election. Stand and be counted if you dare!

From: elkmtngear
Obvious attempt to "pour gas on the fire", and add to the division of the Country after a fair election. Makes more sense than "Russian Collusion".

BTW Atheist, you are letting your intelligence show, and obviously didn't read the article, or comprehend it maybe.

From: bigswivle
"There were plenty here that said Russia had nothing to do with the election. Stand and be counted if you dare!"

That Russian guy that picked me and my wife up at the house and took us to vote was sure persuasive. He didn't even need to hold the gun to my head, I was gonna vote for Trump anyway. Crazy Russians

From: Shuteye
It appears the Russians weren't trying to help any candidate, they just wanted to start trouble and it appears to have worked. The amount of money the Russians spent on Face Book is minuscule compared to what the democrats spent. Hardly a drop in the bucket and there was as much against Clinton as there was against Trump. The only collusion proved to date is all against Hillary Clinton's campaign. They absolutely worked with the Russians and Mueller, Obama and Comey helped.


Maybe the DNC needs to take some lessons from the Russkys on how to better spend those campaign dollars?

If you believe the liberal company line, a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of ruble-speak caused the whole election to go to Trump! Imagine what Igor and Vlad could have done with the millions the Dems pissed away? Wowser! Crazy Bernie could be dead and Hillary could be prez!


From: Anony Mouse

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