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HDE 06-Nov-17
Bou'bound 06-Nov-17

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Hey guys, Ive been considering putting my bow up on the BS for sale page. What im wondering is, have you had any success selling on it or should i just stick to ebay. Im selling last years ELITE IMPULSE 31 KUIU Vias EDITION. 70lb draw brand new strings and cables. What can a guy expect for a used bow. This is all new to me and i realize my typing is some what of a ramble but i think ive got my point across haha.

From: HDE
75% new to start and then go down from there. Lots of last year's bows out there right now...

I've had best luck on ebay.

From: Bou'bound
the bowsite classifieds have helped me move a lot of stuff over the years to good people at fair prices. it will eventually move there if you keep it refreshed.

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