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You Can Make a Difference!
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From: NvaGvUp
Businesses will listen and act on legitimate concerns of their customers!

On my way home from my IL deer hunt, I planned to stop in Kearney, NE because it was right off I-80, the timing was perfect, I'd stayed there last year on my way home from IL, and, because there was a Whiskey Creek restaurant in Kearney.

On my way to the hunt, I stayed over-night in Saint Joseph, MO and eaten at a Whiskey Creek restaurant there.

It's a small chain with just seven locations in MO, SD, NE and KS. But the food is awesome, esp. the nachos (by far the best I've ever had) as well as the baked potato soup (to die for!).

During my meal at the Kearney restaurant, I noticed the server at an adjacent table had an American Flag towel hanging from her belt.

As I was leaving, I stopped and talked with her to express my concerns about her using that Old Glory towel to handle hot plates, wipe her hands and wipe off tables. I said it was a totally inappropriate and disrespectful use of our flag.

She said she meant no disrespect, which I believe is true (More likely, she just didn't know any better) but she basically just sluffed me off and my concerns.

Yesterday, I e-mailed the corporate HQ to express my distaste for what I saw (and to suggest they surely didn't want 200 NE veterans protesting outside of that restaurant).

This afternoon, I called the restaurant and talked with the manager. He said the corporate folks had already contacted them and that he'd counselled his servers about how disrespectful such use of the flag was and posted a notice to them as well.

You CAN make a difference!

From: DL
Any free coupons sent?

From: JTV
well good ...

From: HA/KS
There is one here and I had never been impressed. Maybe I ordered the wrong food.

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