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HSA-Health Savings Accounts
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kyrob 06-Nov-17
HDE 06-Nov-17
K Cummings 07-Nov-17
Bob H in NH 07-Nov-17
kyrob 07-Nov-17
HA/KS 07-Nov-17
From: kyrob
Anyone use an HSA and what do you think of it? Company matches up to 750 dollars a year so it doesn't sound bad from that aspect. Opinions?

From: HDE
Higher deductibles on an insurance plan though. So, if you're super healthy, go for it.

From: K Cummings

We have on and it works well.

A couple things to consider. Yes, it does require a higher deductible and out of pocket maximums than a non-HSA plan but in our case, the savings over what we would be required to pay for the non-HSA plan (which we add to the HSA), plus what the employer matches, makes it worth it for us. We've had it for two years now and neither year have we used all of what was in the HSA, even though we have had surgeries, major dental work, etc.. It is also important to use providers that participate with the plan.

Each person/family is going to be different, but in my opinion, HSA's are well worth serious consideration.


From: Bob H in NH
Do the math out, between contributions from the company and lower pay check deductions, how much are you "saving", then compare that to the family deductible and see what happens if you max out the deductible (after that it's covered anyway).

With my company, between what they contribute and lower paycheck deductions, when I do that math, WORST case, it cost me $400.

From: kyrob
Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate it.

From: HA/KS
I was told that it is great if you are very healthy or have very high medical bills. For those in the middle, it may not be such a great idea.

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