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UCLA Basketball Players In China Arrest
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DL 08-Nov-17
Shuteye 10-Nov-17
elkmtngear 10-Nov-17
dm/wolfskin 10-Nov-17
JTV 10-Nov-17
sportoutfitter 10-Nov-17
Woods Walker 10-Nov-17
K Cummings 11-Nov-17
Anony Mouse 11-Nov-17
sundowner 11-Nov-17
Woods Walker 11-Nov-17
From: DL
Three Basketball players were arrested for stealing sunglasses while playing in China. Disgrace to the University and our country. I wish they would cane them. They will probably release them with a warning. I hope the NCAA bans them for life.

From: Shuteye
They should be banned. They are an embarrassment to our country. If Obama had a son.....

From: elkmtngear
Send them to a North Korean work Camp! Dennis Rodman can run the crew. wonder we get so much disrespect in the World!

From: dm/wolfskin
Lock them up.

From: JTV
They are some NAACP types too .....

One of them is the son of that loud mouth Lavar Ball.

From: Woods Walker

Woods Walker's embedded Photo
Woods Walker's embedded Photo
I can't wait to hear the excuses and justifications of racism now.......

From: K Cummings
Oh my gosh, say it isn't so. College students making moronic decisions.

Banned for life? Lock them up? Cane them? NK work camp? All I have to say is it's a damn good thing I didn't get caught doing all the illegal things I did in college.


From: Anony Mouse
Broke law on China...let the Chinese courts handle it.

Under Obama, somehow they would have been provided with diplomatic immunity. ;0)

From: sundowner
They're thugs. Treat them like thugs.

From: Woods Walker
Hell, Obama would have exchanged all of Gitmo for them!

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