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From: Annony Mouse
Alternative Math

Imagine trying to teach reality in a world were 2 + 2 = whatever enhances a student’s self-esteem:

Judging by the snarky depiction of conservatives when the teacher tries watching TV news, this is actually the work of liberals. In real life, liberals have been using their control of schools to teach kids that there are forty-eleven genders, homosexuality is normal and healthy, capitalism makes it be too hot out, et cetera. Maybe there is hope of agreeing that 2 + 2 = 4 after all.

From: Beendare

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^Thats crazy ___

It seems to me education will be drastically changed in the near future. Our friend a teacher at middle school in Oakland unified school dist [SF Bay area] is using the teach to one program.

Her class typically has kids from a dozen different ethnic backgrounds and 7th graders from 2nd grade to 10th grade capability.

The program tests out each kid and then develops a lesson plan for each kid. They each get a chrome book and once they pass each module, they move on to the next. Some kids take longer than others so you get more instruction for the kids that need help...and smart kids aren't held back.

The kids that are screwing around instead of doing lessons are when the parent teacher conference comes around- its on the kid and the parent not the teacher.

This software based learning is going to make our schools much more efficient, less teachers, and change our schools drastically

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