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Recommend me a Texas deer hunt…please
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Archerdan 12-Nov-17
OkieJ 12-Nov-17
From: Archerdan
I have been looking for a place in Texas to bring my little girl deer hunting. She is nine years old and shoots a crossbow. We limit her shots to a max of 20 yards.

I'm trying to find a semi-guided outfitter that will let us hunt on our own in the blind. Most of the places I've found online require a guide to sit with you; that's not what I'm looking for. Or, the places say they offer bowhunting but when you talk to them you quickly realize they are really not set for bowhunting.

If you guys know of a quality outfitter in Texas that has a good place where we will see lots of animals, then please let me know. I greatly appreciate your guys help.

From: OkieJ
I would go on and ask.

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