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NFL military push
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Beendare 12-Nov-17
JTV 12-Nov-17
Mike the Carpenter 12-Nov-17
Pig Doc 12-Nov-17
Thumper 12-Nov-17
Tiger eye 13-Nov-17
South Farm 13-Nov-17
From: Beendare
Looks like the NFL is getting the message. Staging the commentators at a military base....putting more vets on the field and highlighting veteran programs. They didn't waste any time....

I get the feeling it chaps their hide they cannot get all of the players on board.

From: JTV
What happened today, is only one day... wait till next weekend, these scum will be kneeling again ...

F-them. That’s coming from this Military guy. They’re no different than a fair weather friend. Best thing I did is turn off the NFL this year.

From: Pig Doc
They do the same thing every year on Veterans Day.

From: Thumper

Thumper's embedded Photo
Thumper's embedded Photo

From: Tiger eye
But they said it wasn't about the military or the anthem. It was about the unequal treatment of blacks by the police.

One has to wonder.

On a related topic, I see Papa John says it has no position on the protests. Their concern is drop in sales.

Make a statement like that. Go $¢r€* yourself.

From: South Farm
The NFL knows they f'd up and now they're just patronizing and pandering for a profit.

I will never watch another NFL game no matter what they do at this point.

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