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Bing Map Birds Eye View alternative
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SJJ 13-Nov-17
Fivers 13-Nov-17
JD 14-Nov-17
From: SJJ
The birds eye view in Bing maps has been my favorite...blown up images with no foliage cant be beat. They discontinued this feature now there is just the aerial view...None compare as far as I'm concerned...are there any other high resolution images without foilageout there?

From: Fivers
Check with the local County, they usually get images without foliage for their mapping.

From: JD
Bird's Eye is still available in areas that have updated imagery from Pictometry (by that I mean some local government paid to have new aerials done, i.e. Milwaukee). I'm guessing you tried to right click on the map while in aerial view to see if it's still available as an option.

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