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craziest trespasser story ever---------
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BIG BEAR 13-Nov-17
absaroka6 13-Nov-17
From: mn_archer
Ran into a friend of mine this am at the gas station and he says "have I got a story for you!"

Last weekend, opening of firearms deer season here in mn he sees his neighbor is using his road to access the back side of his own land. My buddy has repeatedly told him to stay off his land and he has finally reached the end. We have fresh snow here so there is no denying what happened.

Buddy calls local pd and another buddy of mine shows up and issues a citation for trespassing and leaves it on the guys truck.

2 hours later a conservation officer calls by buddy to ask about the incident so he explains it. turns out the guy was nailed for baiting deer last year. Buddy tells CO that he is positive that the guy will be back out trespassing after lunch.

CO shows up to find ripped up citation laying on the ground and fresh tracks where the guy went around my buddies gate again, and right down my buddies road. Game warden follows tracks and runs into trespasser on the road. Trespasser says he and my buddy are friends and he has permission. CO calls buddy and of course he denies it, and sends a copy of some texts my buddy and the trespasser have exchanged which make it clear he isn't to be on my buddies land. Trespasser says that isn't his number... CO calls it, low and behold the phone in the trespassers pocket rings!

CO issues him another citation and tells him he should issue him a littering citation for throwing the ticket on the ground. he went from the first ticket of a petty misdemeanor to now he gets a citation for a misdemeanor as its his second violation now.

CO calls buddy back and says he walked him out to his truck so its over. Buddy tells him I bet he comes back.

CO comes back 25 minutes later and low and behold guy is there again! CO walks into his stand and guy gets weird. he would not make eye contact and is dicking around with something out of sight of CO who is on the ground. CO draws gun and instructs the trespasser to toss his gun out of the tree stand to the ground! He gets his down and walks him out again, this time the co is carrying the guys gun.

3rd ticket in 3 or 4 hours and now we are up to gross misdemeanor with all the charges!

this guy is a nutbag and he will be on the news someday doing something dumb

This is the best trespassing story ive ever heard!


From: JTV
some just dont learn ....

From: Tiger eye
Boy must be some great hunting on that piece of property and that stand in particular.

From: Glunt@work
..and some deer that are very tolerant of human activity.

From: SB
Typical Mn. gun season! I don't even want to be near a woodlot around here during gun season. Gave up long ago trying to bowhunt during it.

From: Pig Doc
Your buddy needs to watch his back. The trespasser sounds unhinged. As a MN landowner I've had my fill of trespassing A-holes.

From: Shuteye
Here if you get caught trespassing it is a pretty big fine. The second time you lose your license. You don't even have to post your land. Blue paint on a tree is as good as a no trespassing sign. You also must have a written permission slip with you to hunt on private property. I had my fill of trespassers over the years and it was mainly people from Baltimore. I used to have to go to court but no more, they can be arrested, fined or go to court and I don't have to do anything.

The guy sounds nuts.... CO is lucky he didn't end up in a shootout..... and I agree.... your buddy probably hasn't seen the last of that whacko......

From: absaroka6
As a Missouri land owner, I've had my fill of trespassers. After 20 years, I've finally convinced my neighbors I mean No Trespassing.

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