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A life not wasted
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From: HA/KS

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"WWII Veteran and Purple Heart recipient: You're never too old to serve"

"I was in the senior year of high school when I enlisted in the Army and was sent to Germany to fight in World War II. For me, there wasn’t a question of whether or not I would enlist. My parents raised me to believe that it was an honor to serve my country. While the war was a painful and brutal experience, I never lost sight of the fact that I was serving my nation and the cause of freedom.

Today I am 92 years old. Though my military service ended decades ago, my commitment to service is still very much a part of my life. I’m living proof that you are never too old to serve others."

"This year I celebrated my 72nd Veteran’s Day. I planned to mark the day by helping my family reach their goal of packing 1,000 shoebox gifts for children in need. If you are looking for a way to honor the service of American veterans, why not spend a few hours helping others? It doesn’t matter if you are nine or 99. After all, you’re never too old to serve."

Great advice. We should all try and leave more good in the world that we take out of it during our lifetime. I spend my time mostly on veteran's causes but helping kids is also very important to me. I donate hundreds of hours a year of my time and all the money I can afford to give.

From: Mad dog
Great post. Way too many Americans take our veterans for granted. Doing good deeds for Vets is going over & above. It would be nice to see even a DECENT turnout for the local Veterans day & Memorial Day parades.. that's twice a year! Even if weather is good, 98% of the Parade watchers disappear after Johnny in his baseball uniform & Mary in her girl scout uniform finish marching. The actual ceremony is what counts, but the masses are no where to be found. Too tough to stand there for 40 minutes? Guess the bbq can't wait or the sales. I know some towns & cities have better & worse turnouts, but I've surveyed a lot of folks. Mad Dog

From: DL
I was fortunate to hear Louis Zamperini(movie Unbroken) speak at our church 3-4 Easter’s back. Never judge a man by his size. He was one tough man. Some men retire and sit on their butts waiting to die. Others like the man packing gift boxes don’t give death a chance to find them. They rise up and are gone. Have a friend that her dad is a veteran of WWII. In his mid 90s. Wakes up and goes out and walks 5 miles. Recently had to have a battery replaced in his pace maker and asked how long the battery would last? 15 years. Don’t you have one that lasts longer?

" Some men retire and sit on their butts waiting to die. "

very true. I have seen it in both men a women. My mom can no longer walk because she sat around too long. Personally I'm going to keep fighting the bastard. I got up at 4 am and swam 2 miles (3500 yards to be exact) before work today. I've been doing it most days for almost 20 years now and I intend to be doing it in my 90's.

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