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Global Warming Proof
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gflight 15-Nov-17
Two Feathers 16-Nov-17
Solo 16-Nov-17
Glunt@work 16-Nov-17
salaguinto 16-Nov-17
Shuteye 16-Nov-17
Glunt@work 17-Nov-17
Shuteye 17-Nov-17
Woods Walker 17-Nov-17
Annony Mouse 20-Nov-17
Coyote 65 21-Nov-17
From: gflight

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In the past the earth was much warmer....

260-Million-Year-Old Fossil Forest Discovered in … Antarctica


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Here is an example where an organism that was alive at the time changed the entire atmosphere of the earth and plunged the planet into the most significant glaciation event in history. It did take an awful long time to do it though.

From: Two Feathers
Think Noah's Flood.

From: Solo
...and continental drift.

From: Glunt@work
All this proves is that if you deny man-made global warming you want the earth to go back to being warmer and us all to be eaten by dinosaurs when they make a comeback.

From: salaguinto
Stop everyone from cutting gas.

From: Shuteye
If dinosaurs come back I wish they would hurry up. I want to shoot one with my S&W 460 HV mag revolver.

From: Glunt@work

I thought this was the an awesome movie when I was 10.

From: Shuteye
Glunt@work, the modern version will show eggs hatching after the last dino is dead. Back in 1958 "The Blob" was one of my favorite movies. I had my drivers license and loved to take a girl to see it. Hee hee

From: Woods Walker
The part of northern Illinois that I live in is prairie interspersed with oak savannahs and little mini "mountain" forested areas (or at least they are mountains when the rest of the area's elevation is around 700' and they may go up to 1100'). One of these hilly forested areas is actually a 500 acre forest preserve that's about a 1/4 mile from our place. Last fall my wife, daughter and I took the dog and when for a walk there. We came to an area at the edge of a field where there were piles of boulders 2'-3' across surfacing just above ground. My wife commented that some a-hole dumped a bunch of rocks here, and I told her "NOPE! GLOBAL WARMING!!! The a-hole you're referring to was a GLACIER."

From: Annony Mouse

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From: Coyote 65
So, by draining the swamp, Trump is slowing down global warming. Now I call that a Win Win.


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