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From: DL
There was a news clip on the owner tonight. During the down turn in the economy in 2008 times were very bad in the town where they are located. They were a major employer there. Instead of laying men off the owner paid his employees to fix up the decaying buildings in town. Had he laid men off the town would have been a ghost town. If any of you need a hitch that’s a company to buy one from. They also advertise on outdoor TV.


Mike the Carpenter's Link
Related story at link.

From: liv4it
Excellent products. I've put one in every diesel pickup I've had.

From: DL
Great story Mike, thanks. When a company does right by their employees the employees look after the company. It’s a great business model.

From: jdee
Got a B&W turn over goose neck hitch in the bed of my truck..

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