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Need this over California or N Korea!!
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DRR324 20-Nov-17
Mike B 20-Nov-17
Jim Moore 21-Nov-17
Solo 21-Nov-17
Woods Walker 21-Nov-17
From: DRR324

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From: Mike B
Those boys fly out of Whidbey Island, just 30 mi. west of here, and on their way back they often do some cool aerobatics over the Skagit Valley. Very cool to watch!

From: Jim Moore
I took it to be a 10 gallon hat at first glance. guess my mind isn't as dirty as the womans who was whining about it. Jeez...SMH.

From: Solo
Carlos Danger flies again.

From: Woods Walker
If being able to draw like that in a jet fighter makes them better combat pilots then DRAW AWAY!!!!

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