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The Ninth Circuit ruled last week that n
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"Tuesday, 21 November 2017 Dershowitz: Mueller "Going Way Beyond His Authority" Written by Steve Byas Dershowitz: Mueller "Going Way Beyond His Authority"

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, appointed to investigate the Trump campaign’s alleged connections to Russia, is “going well beyond his authority as a prosecutor,” Alan Dershowitz (shown), highly-regarded retired Harvard Law professor, told Fox News during the Outnumbered Overtime program on Monday.

Dershowitz is a well-known Democrat, so his comments cannot be seen as a mere partisan defense of Republican President Donald Trump.

Mueller is turning constitutional actions by the Trump White House into crimes, Dershowitz lamented. Dershowitz’s remarks were in response to Mueller’s request of documents from the Justice Department that concern Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey and the recusal of Attorney General Jeff Sessions from the Russia probe.

“The president is entitled to fire the head of the FBI. The president is entitled to direct his attorney general to investigate, who not to,” Dershowitz asserted. “That’s what the law has been since Thomas Jefferson,” he added, alluding to the famous case in which President Jefferson made a strong effort to get his former vice president, Aaron Burr, convicted of treason.

Dershowitz argued that if we, as a nation, want that changed, there is a legislative process to get that done. It should not be done via a special prosecutor making a perfectly legal action a crime. “I don’t see that the prosecutor should have a right to turn a constitutionally protected act of the president into a crime by speculating on what his motive might have been.” Some have speculated that Trump fired Comey to keep then-FBI Director Comey from investigating Trump’s alleged collusion with the Russians to affect the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

“These are political sins if they are sins at all. They are not crimes,” Dershowitz added."

(Much more at he link.)

Sorry, dont know where that title came from!

From: NvaGvUp
Where does the Ninth Circuit fit into this? I see no reference to them here.

Dershowitz is a liberal Dem for sure. But he may also be the last one of them to believe the Constitution matters.

He' absolutely correct on this issue. Mueller was charged with investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign which might have influenced the election.


He was NOT charged with investigating everything and anything that Trump or anyone Trump ever even knew might have ever done, ever, that might warrant investigation.


From: HA/KS

If that is true, then hilary will end up in trouble.

From: Atheist
So if he finds illegal activity like money laundering or obstruction, should he just turn his eyes away? When you’re under investigation, you’re under investigation. If they find illegalities, that’s the point of an investigation.

From: NvaGvUp
He is only charged with looking into Russia-Trump interference in the election.

If he finds anything criminal about that, he should proceed and ask for indictments.

Sans that, it's Mueller who should be prosecuted for going way beyond his charge, because he is not charged with investigating anything at all beyond that..

From: Mike in CT
Evidently a lot of eyes at the DOJ were turned away from illegal activities like money laundering during the prior administration.......

Somebody really should have been a comedian......

And FYI to the galactically stupid; the purpose of an investigation is to determine if a crime has been committed, not to invent crimes to charge anyone with. The only way every investigation would uncover illegalities as a universal constant condition would be in there were not a single soul, no not one, who was ever innocent.

The level of stupidity required to consider any other scenario is only frightening when coupled with the knowledge that some of these cretins are out there breeding......

From: TD
Mike.... more frightening than breeding (which in this case may or may not be a logical/biological possibility...) The REALLY scary part is it's a teacher....... who knowingly, willingly spreads lies and disinformation..... from the ground up.....

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