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Happy Thanksgiving:2017
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From: Anony Mouse
Figured I'd be the first to wish everyone on the CF a very Happy Thanksgiving. Those traveling, have a safe trip. Enjoy time spent with family and friends.

We do have much to be thankful this year....and probably topping most of our lists is the fact that Hillary is still not our President.

Of course, this yearly thread would not be complete without the infamous turkey drop from WKRP:

Happy Thanksgiving, friends. And, as always, Pat thank you for your gift of the Bowsite and all it encompasses.


From: elkmtngear
Happy Thanksgiving Thanksgiving clip ever ! :^D

From: tonyo6302
May God bless all the Bowsite Brothers.

From: Shuteye
Just remember what I told Mike Huckabee, "You are what you eat."

From: Paul
Enjoy all family and friends on thanksgiving day be thankful for what is important to you .

From: NvaGvUp
Thanks, Jack, and the same to you.

You beat me to posting that 'WKRP in Cincinnati' bit, but no worries. It's a classic!

I've very thankful this Thanksgiving. My oldest son and I are heading to our u.p. deer camp in the morning. With him being a college student we don't get to hunt together as much as I'd like. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

From: NvaGvUp
Here's the entire episode, because it's too good to show in the short piece Mouse posted.

If you don't have the time to watch the whole thing, scroll to about the 17:00 mark.

From: Sixby
God bless you all and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We do have so much to be thankful for. The miracle of Trump winning and Clinton losing is worth a full life time of Thanksgiving. But on top of this I thank God for the huge wave of turnaround that is happening right now. God bless, Steve

From: Joey Ward
Jan Smithers and Loni Anderson remind me of a couple of parking tickets I got.

They had FINE written all over them. :-)

Happy Thanksgiving, all!

From: NvaGvUp
Loni Anderson is way beyond 'fine.'

20 or so years ago, while I was driving on a freeway in the SF East Bay, I passed a Mercedes and just happened to look at the driver.

It was Loni Anderson!

From: Rocky
May God shower all here with health and happiness and their families, a special rainbow for the children.

The Rock

From: K Cummings
Happy thanksgiving to all. We do indeed have much to be thankful for, including living in the best country on the planet.


From: Gray Ghost
KPC said it as well as I can.

Be thankful, and God bless you all.


From: NvaGvUp
My little sister (the only surviving member of my family, and she's likely terminal: cancer) and her two oldest kids came up this afternoon.

Her youngest daughter and her hubby are coming up Friday, so it should be a great time had by all.

Happy T-Day to ya'll!


From: JTV
I'll pig out when I get home from work..... hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving ....

From: Salagi
For the first time in 6 years, my wife will be able to join my family for Thanksgiving. Usually she is scheduled to work thanks to the new trend of shopping on Thanksgiving (I'll save you all from listening to my rant on that, grumble grumble). Since she does the scheduling for where she works she is partly to blame. ;) She never felt right scheduling others without making her work also.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to one and all here, no matter if we agree on politics! I wish everyone the best.

From: Ace
Happy Thanksgiving to all my Bowsite brothers.

Much indeed to be thankful for, and that includes the CF regulars, (and you irregulars). God bless.

From: Woods Walker
Happy Thanksgiving to all. We're having the whole tribe over to our place for Thanksgiving and I'll be blessed to be surrounded by family, from 3 years old to 90, and numerous dogs! It doesn't get any better than that!

From: NvaGvUp

From: Mad dog
Same here. God bless. Mad dog

YES! Happy Thanksgiving to all!

From: Mike in CT
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Echo KPC's sentiments; couldn't be said better!

From: Hackbow
Happy Thanksgiving indeed!

From: Bentstick81
Happy Thanksgiving!

From: Bowbender
Happy Thanksgiving all!! Much to be thankful for.

From: sleepyhunter
Happy Thanksgiving to the CF !!

Happy Thanksgiving !!

From: slade

slade's embedded Photo
slade's embedded Photo

From: Annony Mouse

Annony Mouse's Link
A MAGA awesome VP and wife.

From: Fulldraw1972
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

From: NvaGvUp
We had a great Thanksgiving.

All of the food turned out perfectly, but the best part was the conversation. We started talking about all the stupid and crazy things we did to each other as kids. That was a gas!

From: HA/KS

HA/KS's Link
And the FAA ruled that it is not illegal to drop live turkeys from an airplane.

"YELLVILLE, Ark. — Federal Aviation Administration investigators say a festival in northwestern Arkansas did not break any rules when it tossed six live turkeys from an airplane."

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