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Actual War On Drugs
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From: DL
Have you seen the holes in the ground where opium processing houses used to be? It never has made sense to save a country that poisons the rest of the world growing opium. So go ahead and grow it but good luck processing it. The word is that this is where terrorist groups make their money. Another one of those confusing issues about Islam. They will not drink alcohol or use drugs but will grow opium that kills thousands every year. When their oil runs out for making money they will probably buy up distilleries and breweries around the world.

From: jjs
DL, do a history of Big Pharm on opium and your questions are there.

From: TGbow
We've bern engaged in a drug war in this country for at least 50 years. I dont like drugs but we spend a lot of money fighting the drug war but they still get in because we dont secure our borders, and also I dont doubt that the CIA has been involved in the drug trade for years. The more we regulate the more money the dealers make. Just like prohibition, the mob made millions because of prohibition. We shouldnt be involved in policing the world, but we should be concerned with what goes on inside our country. The drug companies in America do enough damage as it is. I thank God for drugs that help people stay alive but the drug companies dont care about the effects.

From: TGbow
If somebody wants to smoke a pound of weed in the privacy of their home it shouldnt be none of the governments bussiness. If they endanger other folks, then the state has a right to step in. I dont care for the stuff but with real freedom comes personal responsibility, and with real freedom we may have to tolerate things we dont believe in. Our 2 major parties in DC are leading us to the same destination but they're just taking different routes to arrive there.

"Another one of those confusing issues about Islam. They will not drink alcohol or use drugs "

That's a crock of BS. They are all drinking and using drugs privately.

From: Mint
I'm all for legalizing drugs as long as the same time they eliminate all welfare payments if you use drugs. Can't do one without the other.

From: TGbow
Better yet, I say abolish the 16th amendment. There's a reason why the founders did not draft a Federal income tax...there's a reason why one did not exist before 1918. They understood it was illegal. That way the government cant extort our money legally and give it to folks that dont want to work, or use our money for bail outs to big bussinesses. While they're at it take up JFK's idea to abolish the Federal Reserve.

From: D.U.O.F
Fire suit on for following rant: I HATE illegal drugs, period. I'm 44 and was labeled ADD at 5yrs old. Put on an upper, Cylert. At 12, I wondered what was wrong with me, and having no Father around to corral me, I started experimenting with pot & LSD. As if that wasn't bad enough, some idiot introduced me to heroin at 21. Well, that was the beginning of the end and for the next 15 years I spent 6 of them in & out of County jails, I Fathered, (sperm donor) 6 Children. I wasn't much of a "Father" at all. More of the entire story to come in a book I'm writing on America's decline since divorce, removal of ethics /religion/prayer in Schools and 10 Commandments from Court Houses. Drugs have become almost accepted completely. Long story short, I have PTSD, not ADD. I did grow up in a bad environment, and now I know why I flip when anyone yells, or I twitch at every gunshot.

Drugs in general, illegal AND Pharmaceutically dispensed are ruining this Country. Along with Social media and so many other things. I hardly ever leave my house. I stay on my property in the country and shoot my 2 bows, and collection of six higher end air guns. I will say I am NOT happy with the system, drugs, many things. At this point I tell ALL of my Children, "Do NOT have any Children" as even Stephen Hawking has warned we are already swirling the bowl & will be out of all natural resources in 50-100 years. That means that in 25 years, if you aren't rich, you aren't going to be able to fill your gas tank, oil tanks, refrigerator, anything. As far as doomsday preppers? Good luck because you aren't the only Joe who has that idea. There will be no more Deer to live off of and N. Korea just firing an ICBM? Oh Nelly, one weaponized blast & winds will make this entire World hot, be they tell the truth or not. Fukushima has deposited celsium as far as I'm located in N.E PA into the ground from rain fall. It didn't "blow out to sea" it circled The Earth and will be hot for at least 36 years. No, it isn't death but it's higher cancer rates. Look guys, our Government KNOWS the only solution to ALL their problems is a MASSIVE population reduction. In the end? I plan on shooting my bows & air guns, relaxing when I can. teaching my Children what I can. Doing Unto Others First; & foremost what you would like them to do to you. I don't teach my Girls Martial Arts to go out & hurt people. I teach them to destroy any individual that means them harm before that snake bites. Drugs SUCK and blow both simultaneously which is literally impossible yet somehow, they do.

Hey, I know I'm way off topic. Purpose? Although I'm considered intelligent, I'm screwed up and I know/admit it. Thanks to the drugs that were "necessary" at 5 years old to 12, when I refused and started to experiment on my own. THIS original poster's subject is about drugs in America. I responded because YOU responded to his post. I do have a point here Guys. Check out and search James Dingle under the BOI, (Board Of Inquiry) where you'll see I have 15 pages of 100% outstanding reviews on what a good trustworthy fellow I am. I'm not putting myself on a pedestal. I'm just saying this is the net. I'm new here. You don't know me but hundreds have dealt with me from sending several thousand dollar scopes & rifles across America and THEN receiving prompt full payment as I promised. Heck, like I said, I don't know it all, FAR from it; but I'm no idiot & I'm sure not going to spend thousands on any ballistically orientated item that one fella says is accurate and pristine. His idea of accurate may not meet my criteria. No, I'm not out there with calipers measuring group size to the thousandth. I'm not a competitive BR nut because believe me, the air gun world has some real anal types. In fact, in all honesty, I don't go to that forum because I was limited in my speech and could not even say Thank the good Lord for something. I HOPE it's not like that here. So, yes, I'm testing the waters with this post. If you see the big picture, great. If I'm flamed for going off topic but having relevancy to it that a critic may not see, then maybe this isn't the place for me. See, I will NEVER argue a point or talk down to anyone. I LOVE Archery and I NEED to learn Traditional. Though if my "style" isn't welcomed, I'll find a writer's forum. Hemingway was fueled by alcohol, depression, dare I say madness? Think of me as such, although I'm completely sober. One day, you can say you know that famous writer. That, I guarantee. I already have a Publisher as I dated the owner and we're on good terms. I'm Married, but saying I stayed Friends with her. In a basket, I'm a God fearing Man. I hate drugs & what they've done to America. I'm considered intelligent although my favorite quote next to one from Woody Allen is from Socrates. "I know that I'm intelligent because I know that I know nothing about nothing" Woody's quote is, I'm not a pessimist, I'm an optimist. My glass is always half full. It's just half full of poison.

OK, time to quit. Drugs suck, I agree, although Alcohol sucks also. People don't smoke weed and beat their Wife. Alcohol on the other hand. But, Alcohol IS OK! The Government sells it in State Stores and taxes it! That makes it OK! See what I mean? They've finally come to the realization that they'd rather tax Marijuana and have that cash then see it go to the cartels and local growers. In the end I agree with that. Legalize everything. Let the junkies OD, as we have population problem. Thin the gene pool. Take the tax money made on drugs and use it for something good. Like maybe helping The True Americans on Pine Ridge Reservation. They could use some alcohol substance abuse programs and education so they can make it in todays modern World. I won't even begin to get into that.

Yes, I agree, Drugs in America suck. You do know that our Government ALLOWS those Countries to grow poppies and produce illegal opium, Heroin, Morphine? This is how ISIS funds their war against us. War is good for the economy, the oil companies, the weapons & munitions companies like BASE and other giants. If original poster or anyone REALLY wants to know things, PM me. Not only have I done A LOT of research, I know people from a spectrum that ranges to Naval Intelligence in The Pentagon for over 20 years to a pilot that flew all the workers into so called Area 51 for over 10 years to NASA Engineers. Those are my top name drops. I have plenty of other professional qualified accredited acquaintances' that can attest I'm different; but I'm right in what I know. Remember, I admitted I don't know it all. Bottom line is the drugs are good business for America and our Government will NEVER stop them. Not because they CAN't; but because it's good business. The legal system, penal, police, C.O's, medical field from emergency, rehabs, pharmaceutical companies, on and on. So many people benefit from drug usage, abuse, treatment, punishment. OUR Government doesn't want to stop drugs from falling into our Children's hands.

Oh, Mr. TGbow, President Kennedy's picture sits atop my gun safe. Last good President we had was Reagan but Kennedy was a GOOD Man, yes he had faults and loved cooter like every real Man does. Who says no to Marilyn? Jackie was fine also but some Men can't be w/ one. Come on though, if that's his biggest public fault he was a Saint of a President. Rant over, fire suit on.

I sometimes measure group size with calipers....

From: Mike B
DUOF: Glad you're doing better. FYI..paragraphs are a big help.

From: D.U.O.F
Mike B. Yes Sir, that looks like a mess. I indented. I'm guessing this needs a double space to show it? I'll try to clean it up. I see this system doesn't recognize indentation at all. Double space at change of subject and keep it short. Got it.

Yes, I just told The Wife I'd be better off with a typewriter. I need to learn how to use Word, how to copy only what I want by highlighting, not an entire page. I hate not knowing computers.

From: Jax'sMommy
The Federal Hobb's Act includes most illegal street drugs as "Commerce."

They have even used ATF Agents to entrap people by setting them up to rob stash houses, then arresting them for interfering with interstate "Commerce."

The original Hobb's Act was enacted to combat Labor Union "problems." And through loopholes The Supreme Court did decide that drugs are commerce. Crazy right?

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