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Fox News and babies hunting
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Missouribreaks 01-Dec-17
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Good press for hunters, or bad?

From: tonyo6302
I killed my first squirrel when I was five. I didn't need a license until I was 13 ( Kentucky, and long time ago :)

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I was totally in tune with firearm safety by the age of 6. I don't see an issue for hunters.

give me a break.......getting a hunting license for a kid under the age of 1! The only one doing a shooting is gonna be Dad.

From: gflight
Same one year olds also voted Democrat....;^)

From: Shuteye
I was killing squirrels with a 22 single shot rifle before I was old enough to go to school. I still have the rifle. My dad was a gunsmith so I knew all about safety from a very early age. I had all my kids shooting at a very early age. We didn't need a hunting license when you were a kid. Now you need a license or stamp for everything. Probably need a stamp to fart.

From: Salagi
I've got a great nephew and a great niece that both killed deer by the age of 7. And no one shot it for them either. Shoot (pun intended), I was carrying a .22 and squirrel hunting by myself by the time I was 8. I was around 11 or 12 before i was deer hunting by myself, weren't near the numbers of deer in the Ozarks in the 60's and 70's there are now.

I doubt any deer are going to be checked on a license issued to a 1 year old, someone would have to be dreadfully dumb to try that stunt I'd think. I imagine that the licenses were bought just to 1. say your kid has had a license since they were in diapers or 2. purchased by some anti's so they could say "look how awful hunting is, why you can even buy a license when you're a baby!".

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