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Hell Has Frozen Over
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NvaGvUp 01-Dec-17
Shuteye 01-Dec-17
slade 06-Dec-17
Hackbow 06-Dec-17
'Ike' (Phone) 06-Dec-17
JTV 06-Dec-17
Michael 06-Dec-17
Hackbow 07-Dec-17
'Ike' (Phone) 07-Dec-17
slade 07-Dec-17
Thumper 07-Dec-17
Atheist 07-Dec-17
Bentstick81 07-Dec-17
Woods Walker 07-Dec-17
Amoebus 07-Dec-17
From: NvaGvUp
Be still my heart, because Nancy Pelosi has called for John Conyers to resign!

You know things are bad for the left when you see something like this happen.

From: Shuteye
Finding the killer in California not guilty has totally destroyed the democrats. Build the wall and start deporting. The democrats have many problems now and they know the public is turning on them. They are going to turn on their own.

From: slade
John Conyers replacement, his son

From: Hackbow
Makes sense slade - that video highlights the average intelligence and goals of those who vote Democrat. Don't forget, we live in a representative republic.

Better yet, she’s said Franken needs to go also...Boom!

From: JTV
Conyers son was arrested for domestic abuse... charges dropped ... wonder why .... smh ..

From: Michael
I can already hear the left if they clean there porch and Moore gets elected in Alabama.

From: Hackbow
LHCA - chill dude.....ur harshin' my mellow

Hate when they start whining....Is expected though! Lol

From: slade

From: Thumper
"Better yet, she’s said Franken needs to go also...Boom!"

This is just the tip of the iceberg, there's going to be more.

From: Atheist
Dems are taking responsible actions while republicans vote for and endorse a known pedophile and support a president w 19 accusers of sexual assault who is recorded saying he grabs women by their genitals. But the democrats are the problem right?

From: Bentstick81
atheist. You are a FRAUD.

From: Woods Walker
So dope dealer...if someone says that you're a child molester then you ARE, just based on their words with no proof? Now THAT is the "rule of law" that Democrats embrace. Someone said that you peddle dope to grade school kids. That makes it true then!

"Known child molester".......LMAO! Coming for an internet FRAUD like you Atheist? TOO FUNNY! 30+ fake identities and counting. All you are is Fruitfly with a better spell check.

From: Amoebus
The 2018 election cycle commercials will be interesting. The repubs are trying for a short-term win with Moore. Fortunately for them, there will be many more stupid things done before then and the attention span of voters isn't long.

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